ZSIGER.hu Publishing is based on the same idea as the preek gallery was until a few years ago. Back then we tried to give opportunities for young Hungarian contemporary artists to introduce themselves in exhibitions. And now it’s time to turn to contemporary comics, the biggest love of mine.

The idea is an old one but the breakthrough was 18th May 2014 at the 10th Budapest International Comics Festival in Dürer Garden.
Attila Jáger’s Wheeled Sleigh comic was never published in print and this was a great opportunity to found ZSIGER.hu Publishing. It is just icing on the cake that we also printed Before Zsiger that is a compilation of Attila’s short stories and comic strips.

Our name is a direct reference to H. R. Giger whose family name can be pronounced alternatively as zsiger in Hungary. Unfortunately he happened to have passed away just one week before the festival.

Our publications are made of quality paper professionally and we value the customer by never giving out any of our product without the customers meeting the creator. Or if that’s not possible we always strive to get everything signed beforehand. Whenever it’s possible we invite all the contributors. We sell our comics in two formats, a quick sketched version and a limited sketched version. For the latter the customer can choose if they want the sketch inside the comic or on a separate sheet of paper and the quality of the sketch is also more refined. It is also important to mention that by buying the limited sketched version the creator gets a bigger amount of share from the profit.
But by buying from us the creator always gets a share from the profit not just with the limited sketched option.

We try to produce limited prints for each convention or festival we attend on quality paper that are signed and numbered.

We primarily exhibit at comic and related events.